Ramina WilkersonThe topic of “veteran-reintegration” is a national dialogue happening everywhere from military installations, to schools, businesses, and churches. The gap between “battlefront to homefront”, “uniform to university” or “combat to corporate” impacts everyone involved and demands strategic thought, conversation and action.

Facilitated dialogue among featured guests and members of the audience allows for a unique conversation revealing personal insight, ideas and perspectives from many different generations of military veterans and civilians.

Featured Guests:

Featured guests include Dr. Edith Eger, PhD.  Dr. Eger is an inspirational survivor of the holocaust, author and psychologist and brings a timely message on transitioning from war to life after war.  She’s helped thousands over the years and has been featured on national venues including the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Other guests include Ramina Wilkerson, born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq.  Ramina and her family worked on behalf of the United Nations and other organizations to help Iraqi civilians.  They narrowly escaped persecution under the Saddam reign when they were granted political asylum in the mid 1990’s.

Guests of the veteran-civilian dialogue will also include recent Special Forces OIF combat veteran, A.J. Arango, other veterans, families, and community members.

End State and Ground Rules:

  • To create a space and process in which veterans and civilians have a chance  to talk in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect.
  • To increase awareness about the shared impact of war and reintegration.
  • To promote awareness of local, regional and national resources for veterans   and families
  • To create a movement of shared responsibility and support for veterans and civilians in the reintegration process.

Please Join Us!

“A Veteran-Civilian Dialogue” will feature regional veterans, families, and the general public to join in a conversation on the challenges of reintegration.  Insights and stories from guest speakers and the guided facilitation of ONE Freedom’s team will provide an evening of inspiration, shared knowledge and suggested action for the Colorado Springs community.  Please come and participate!

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