It is with regret that we announce that the Coalition for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans has come to an end. We are so grateful for the generosity of our donor, the Iraq and Afghanistan Deployment Impact Fund and the California Community Foundation for recognizing the needs of military, veterans, families and survivors. The CIAV served as a clearinghouse for over 50 agencies working in areas as diverse as the impact of deployment on small children, direct emergency financial aid, state-of-the-art PTSD and TBI treatment, and access to education, employment, housing and earned benefits. Groups also continue to deliver indispensible peer support for trauma survivors and families whose loved ones will never return.

We wish to acknowledge the members of the CIAV and all the individuals and organizations who have come together during this critical time to ensure that the needs of those directly impacted by the wars receive the support they have earned. We understand that no one entity or agency cannot and should not do all that is needed to support our military and veteran community. It requires the commitment of government at all levels, national and community-based non-profit service agencies, the private sector and our individual communities to serve those who have served.

By working together with our CIAV partners and others, we have better used our areas of expertise to recognize and respond to the men and women returning from deployment. But there is much work to be done. Even though the Coalition is coming to a close, the services for veterans and dedication to supporting veterans and their families will continue. We have forged strong relationships and learned so much from working together.

For more information on agencies whose tremendous work touches the lives of those impacted by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and for reports developed by our partners and staff, click here.

Amy Fairweather, JD


“The Welcome”

a Documentary Film

“The Welcome” offers a fiercely intimate view of life after war: the fear, anger and isolation of post-traumatic stress that affects vets and family members alike.  As we join  them in a small room for an unusual five day healing retreat, we witness how the ruins of war can be transformed into the beauty of poetry. Here our perceptions are changed, our psyches strained, and our hearts broken.  And at the end, when this poetry is shared with a large civilian audience, we begin to understand READ MORE »

Veteran Access to Housing Summit

Historic event on July 27 in San Antonio

The Home Depot Foundation and National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, in coordination with the Department of Veterans Affairs, are conducting a historic “Veteran Access to Housing Summit” in San Antonio on July 27. This intense full-day strategic work session is designed to explore and identify opportunities, and challenges, to increase permanent housing opportunities for low-income and formerly homeless veterans graduating from assistance programs.

As part of its Plan to End Veteran Homelessness by 2015, the VA has estimated there is a critical need READ MORE »


Retreat For Service Providers

• learn to recognize the signs of compassion fatigue

• grow your capacity for well being

• renew your mind, body, and spirit in a supportive setting

April 14th-17th, 2011

Mercy Center READ MORE »


Attention Female Veterans living in California!
Are you actively seeking employment?
Did you serve on active duty after September 11, 2001?
Were you junior enlisted (E-4 or below) at the time of your discharge?

If you answered YES, you qualify for a free $200 gift card from Talbots.
Former First Lady Maria Shriver has partnered with Talbots Inc. to help provide female veterans with gift cards to help them purchase professional attire and help them transition into today’s workforce. READ MORE »


Coming Home Project

WHEN: February 10, 2011 – February 13, 2011

LOCATION: Oceanside, CA

APPLICATION: Female Veteran and Service Member Retreat Application Form


During this four-day retreat we will focus on healing, connecting, & finding our strengths. READ MORE »


Campaign Efforts for the Month of November

Veteran’s Day E-Cards:

Electronic greeting cards are available for anyone to send to veterans and Service members to thank them for their service and to encourage them to access tips, tools and resources for the invisible wounds of war on the campaign website. Share the e-cards with your membership, subscribers and stakeholders to say thank you to a veteran.

Bloggers Roundtable:

At 1 p.m. on Tuesday, November 9, 2010, Real Warriors profilees Maj. Ed Pulido (U.S. Army, ret.) and Army Capt. Josh Mantz will participate in a DoD Bloggers’ Roundtable with Mr. Ken MacGarrigle from the U.S. Department of Veterans READ MORE »


Veterans interested in attending this three day event will experience:

A reception on Friday evening November 12th featuring food and drinks grown, produced and prepared by fellow veterans.

Saturday tours of the Oakland Produce Market, urban farming, inner-city farmers Market, and a local bakery.
Sunday tour of the Jack London Square Farmers Market and regional veteran-run farms.

Lodging, transportation and food during the event will be provided. Sponsored by: USDA Risk Management Agency & the Farmer Veteran Coalition.  Introducing Veterans to Urban Farming, School Gardens, Culinary Arts and Community Supported Agriculture
November 12-14. READ MORE »

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