Meet the Coalition

Who we are:

The Coalition for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans is a clearinghouse of 52 agencies serving a myriad of needs associated with deployment in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. We share a common funder who has underwritten our ongoing efforts to leverage our resources to best serve those affected by the Global War on Terror.

Our Mission:

The Coalition for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans (CIAV) is a national non-partisan partnership of organizations committed to working with and on behalf of all military, veterans, families, survivors and providers to strengthen the existing system of care and support for all those affected by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our Vision:

The Coalition for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans (CIAV) will build strong partnerships with the non-profit community, military, and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to ensure the well-being of our military and veteran communities. The CIAV will increase access to quality care and services for post 9/11 veterans, service members, families and survivors through collaboration among service providers and subject matter experts.

Guiding Principles:

We are committed…

  • ◊   to strengthening an inclusive community of providers and to support the work of all
  • ◊   to honoring all members of the armed services, veterans of every branch of service, active duty, guard or reserve, officer or enlisted, as well as their families and survivors
  • ◊   to augmenting the existing system of care for our military and veteran community
  • ◊   to advancing the cause of the military and veteran community through the provision of high-quality services and referrals
  • ◊   to advancing research and information sharing to identify and support best practices on behalf of the military and veteran community
  • ◊   to amplifying the voices of the military and veteran community

Our plan:

Looking forward, we hope to capitalize on our individual strengths and work together to break down barriers between the military and civilian community to build a stronger, more effective, more efficient, more caring and more comprehensive system of care for decades to come.

Learn More:

To learn more about the Coalition, please contact Amy Fairweather, CIAV Director, at Also, take a look at our resources offered here.

Working Together

When our organizations connect to provide services or promote the rights of our military, veterans, families, and survivors, it feeds our purpose. Having just started on our journey, the coming months will show more action from our experiences of working together. We have already begun to see the gaps in care being filled, just wait till we really get started!

For more information on what we’ve done together so far, take a look at…

“Moving Forward: Strengthening Services for Military, Veterans, Families, and Survivors”

Conference Report – May 2008

The First Annual Conference brought all of our agencies together for one week to strategize on how to better serve our military, veterans, families, and survivors.